About Evans County Wildlife Club


The Evans County Wildlife Club was formerly organized and staged its first Rattlesnake Roundup in 1968.  The Evans County Wildlife Club continued to sponsor this event, adding a beauty pagent, arts and crafts, a parade, and live entertainment to the schedule of events.  In 2012, the event name was changed to Claxton Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival in an effort to put more emphasis on wildlife conservation.


The Evans County Wildlife Club generously gives back to Evans County and surrounding communities through annual donations to local charities, non-profit groups, schools, churches, and numerous events.  Each year, the Wildlife Club presents Scholarships to high school Seniors.  The Club sponsors wildlife conservation programs at local schools and supports activites designed to promote high standards of sportsmanship. The Evans County Wildlife Club is a member of the Caxton-Evans County Chamber of Commerce as well as the Georgia Sportsman Federation.


The Rattlesnake and Wildlife Festival is the greatest accomplishment of the Evans County Wildlife Club.  The Southeast Tourism Society voted the Festival one of the “Top Twenty Events in the Southeast.”  The annual Festival brings over 15,000 tourists and an economic boost to the community.